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Antimicrobial Pens

Our best-selling pens now have an antimicrobial
layer that prevents fungi and bacteria from growing.
Custom Antimicrobial Pens
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Step Up Your Giveaway Game with Antimicrobial Pens

Personalized pens are a great way to get (and keep) your name in circulation. But when you add an antimicrobial additive to your promotional pen, your pen giveaway becomes second to none, and the one they reach for first.

What’s an Antimicrobial Pen?

The ink might be ballpoint, gel, or rollerball. The mechanism might be click top, twist action, or cap. It might have a stylus, pocket clip, ergonomic shape, or multiple inks. The defining characteristic of an antimicrobial pen is a special additive that suppresses the growth of microbes. This additive prevents fungi, bacteria, yeasts, and algae from growing and won’t wear off through the years. It’s incorporated into the barrel material and often additional parts of the pen including the nose cone, click top, and pocket clip.

How Does My Customer Know It’s an Antimicrobial Pen?

When all external parts of the pen are treated with an antimicrobial additive, the word “antimicrobial” is printed on the barrel, near the top. Your customers can easily identify your personalized giveaway as the safer pen to grab.

Do You Offer Sets? How About Antimicrobial Pens with a Stylus?

Yes. What better way to ensure your gift says you care than with an antimicrobial pen coupled with a stylus for shared screens, or a mask for extra safety?

Customize an Antimicrobial Pen for a Giveaway That Puts Safety First

From customer service counters to school campuses to direct mail campaigns, a promotional pen featuring the added protection of an antimicrobial additive ensures your message is delivered on a practical, always appreciated gift.