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Custom Golf Pencils in Bulk

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Why Personalized Golf Pencils Go the Distance

Most of us have a soft spot for that stubby little writing instrument called a golf pencil. Practical, charming, and in play during golf, board games, and other note-worthy activities. Yep, custom golf pencils have a timeless, unparalleled appeal. Whether on the links, on the putting green, in the classroom, registering for an event, placing a bet, or filling out a menu order form, personalized golf pencils are a classic accoutrement that make memories as they leave a mark.

What’s So Unique About Custom Golf Pencils?

When we see that tell-tale box of golf pencils in bulk, our minds register that fun is to come. Maybe a golf game, maybe a card game, making an inspiring seminar or luxury retreat. The golf pencil, with its short stature and wooden barrel, is memorable among writing instruments.

Unlike most personalized pencils, the custom golf pencil is usually intended for use during a single day or specific event. Teachers of young kids are particularly partial to blank or personalized golf pencils with erasers, as the stubby profile helps small hands to achieve the optimal grip for legible writing. When you add your logo or special message to a golf pencil, you’re attaching your branding to something special.

How Do I Customize Golf Pencils?

Adding your name to bulk golf pencils is simple. Just choose the golf pencil style you like. Pick a smooth and round barrel or hexagon style. Opt for an eraser or a clean top. Choose the barrel color that complements your branding style or event theme. Last: Personalize the golf pencils with your company name, event, name of the couple getting married, or other memory-making message.

Customization Tip: If you want to add a logo or other image, instead of just text, go for a round barrel. The hexagon-style barrel, divided as it is into six separate panels, accommodates text only.

Can I Personalize Golf Pencils with Erasers?

Personalized golf pencils with erasers allow score keepers, test takers, little kids, and form completers the luxury of second chancers. So, if budget permits (they are slightly pricier), extend your recipients the grace of an eraser-top golf pencil! If your imprint is a logo or you prefer a smooth barrel, go for the Round Golf Pencil w/ Eraser. If your imprint is text only or you like the look and feel of a hexagonal barrel, opt for the Hex Golf Pencils with Eraser.

Can I Get Blank Golf Pencils in Bulk?

Blank bulk golf pencils are a great choice when customization is not a priority, but having a plethora of inexpensive #2 pencils on hand is! Event registrations, menu order forms, and questionnaires are just a few situations where blank golf pencils come in handy. Choose either a smooth barrel or a hexagon shape, pick your barrel color or go for an assorted lot, and you’re all set for keeping score on the golf course, penmanship practice for little hands, and more!

Do Custom Golf Pencils Come Pre-Sharpened?

Our custom golf pencils, blank golf pencils in bulk, and personalized golf pencils with erasers all come pre-sharpened and ready for action.

Buy Golf Pencils in Bulk, Blank or Personalized, and You’re Always Ready to Write

They fit in a pocket, on a golf cart dashboard, a registration desk, and in little hands. Part nostalgic, part sporty, and always practical, golf pencils are a writing tool with staying power.