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Hex Pencil (WHX)
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Assorted Colors
Soft Touch Arlington Mechanical Pencil with Mirrored Imprint (MHM)
50 for $1.49 ea
50 for $74.50
Assorted Colors
Round Pencil (FRD)
288 for $0.29 ea
288 for $83.52
Assorted Colors
Soft-Rite Mechanical Pencil (MES)
100 for $0.51 ea
100 for $0.64 ea
100 for $51.00
100 for $64.00
BIC® Pencil Solids (WRT-11318)
500 for $0.28 ea
500 for $140.00
Carpenter Pencil (FCA)
288 for $0.38 ea
288 for $109.44
Assorted Colors
Mood Pencils (FOM)
288 for $0.39 ea
288 for $112.32
Assorted Colors
Hexagon Golf Pencils - Blank (GHB)
2880 for $0.05 ea
2880 for $144.00
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Britebrand™ 5-in-1 Multi-Ink Andrew Pen & Mechanical Pencil (AED)
for ea
Assorted Colors
Soft Touch Black Arlington Mechanical Pencil with Mirrored Imprint (MJB)
50 for $1.04 ea
50 for $1.49 ea
50 for $52.00
50 for $74.50
Pentel® Twist Erase® Express Mechanical Pencil (WRT-11642)
250 for $2.27 ea
250 for $567.50
Deluxe Neon Round Pencil (FRN)
288 for $0.29 ea
288 for $83.52
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The Promotional Power of Personalized Pencils

Custom pencils in bulk are the way to go if you're looking for a timeless giveaway to advertise your school, small business, sport, special occasion, club, or charity. From a traditional yellow #2 pencil customized with your logo, to a promotional mechanical, carpenter, colored, glittery, or color-changing mood pencil, there’s a personalized pencil for every occasion, industry, and branding style.

Why Are Custom Pencils a Favorite Gift or Giveaway?

Custom pencils come into play daily for art, architecture, construction, engineering, test-taking, form completion, golf, in school and on campus. In general, if it’s new, noteworthy, innovative, in process, or subject to change, a pencil’s in order and an eraser is much appreciated!

Promotional pencils with your logo or text are a great way to associate your brand with all kinds of fun and creative work across multiple industries. They’re easy to transport to special events and perfect for direct mail. Personalized pencils in bulk are also budget-friendly, allowing for generous distribution among your target audience.

What Types of Pencils Can I Personalize?

While most custom pencils can handle any job, there are some styles that are made for very specific jobs, like mechanical, carpenter, and golf pencils. Here’s a breakdown of the best type of personalized pencil for every task.

Personalized Mechanical Pencils: Professional, Precise & Oh So Clickable

The benefits of mechanical pencils are many: First, they're always sharp and ready to write. Second, unlike wooden pencils which get smaller and smaller as you sharpen them, the mechanical pencil maintains its barrel size. Also, many of our mechanical custom pencils come with .5 lead size, which is ideal for both writing and technical drawing. When looking for personalized pencils in bulk, we think the mechanical styles are always a good bet.

Learn about the 5 best types of mechanical pencils in our blog.

Standard Wooden Pencils: A Classic, Cost-Effective Standby

The classic wooden pencil offers line width variation, depth and shading options, and erasability that a pen or other ink-based writing instrument can’t deliver. What’s more, because they impart a nostalgic, timeless appeal, they make great promotional gifts. Wooden custom pencils with your logo are an easy, inexpensive way to show customer appreciation and spread morale among students, employees, and team members. Choose from the variety of colors we offer to match your company's branding style and you’re ready to spread good vibes!

See some fun facts in our blog post What Is Pencil Lead Really Made Of?

Custom Golf Pencils: A Company Event Favorite

Now onto personalized pencils designed for golf. The most frequently asked question about a customized golf pencil? Why are they so short? Surprisingly, there isn't a definitive answer on this, but the hypothesis is that because golfers tend to throw out the pencils after a round of golf, there's no need for them to be full-sized. And if this is true, you'll be glad to see our promotional golf pencils are extremely affordable!

Besides giving out the uniquely charming golf pencil on the links or at the club house, golf-size custom pencils are great for company events, too. Whether it's for a team-building game night, a day at the races, or as part of a goodie bag, personalized golf pencils in bulk are put to good use daily.

Restaurants that use menu order forms are also partial to the stubby and inexpensive custom golf pencil. A customer who pockets the personalized golf pencil has a souvenir of a fabulous sandwich or meal while the proprietor keeps their ad message out and about for pennies.

But the biggest fan of custom golf pencils may just be...teachers! Teachers of younger kids learning to write find that the size of a golf pencil is easier for smaller hands to hold and encourages an optimal grip.

Promotional Carpenter Pencils: Built Right for the Job

Custom carpenter pencils are ideal for job sites because they're designed to lay flat so they don't roll off work benches, never to be seen again. They're also sturdy enough to write on wood or other building materials. We recommend construction companies, builders, and real estate agents buy the carpenter style of custom pencils in bulk so you never run out, despite disappearing daily at job sites and under car seats.

Personalized Colored Pencils: Fun Pencil Sets for Big & Little Kids Alike

Why limit yourself to just graphite—go for all the colors in the rainbow! Personalized colored pencils have become a trend in promotional products because of the popularity of adult coloring books. Coloring helps clear the mind and create a calming mood, which is something valuable to attach your company to.

These promotional pencils are great for placing in your waiting room, placing in welcome bags for new customers, or pairing with coloring books as a gift for clients and prospects. We know they’ll appreciate you adding a bit of color to their world!

Read more about pencil types and their advantages in our blog.

How Does My Logo Get Printed on Promotional Pencils?

Personalizing custom pencils with logos, slogans, event names, or other text is easy! Your imprint is applied to the barrel using a silkscreen imprint method. Here’s a tip for the perfect promotional pencil: If you want to customize your pencil with text only, you can choose a personalized pencil of any size or shape. If you want to include your logo or another image on the pencil, choose a pencil with a round barrel or a carpenter-style barrel, rather than a hexagon shape.

Why Are Some Personalized Pencil Barrels Round and Some Are Hexagon Shape?

Good question, interesting answer! First, a six-sided pencil is more compact to stack than a round barrel, allowing more pencils per inch to fit into a box for shipping or storing. Second, some find that the angles of a hexagon-shape barrel make it easier to grip. Lastly, a custom pencil with a hexagon-shape barrel offers fewer imprint options due to the limited height of each of the separate panels. A round barrel can usually accommodate a range of imprints including text, a logo, or another image.

Can I Save on Custom Pencils in Bulk?

To get the most bang for your buck when it comes to custom pencils, choose a higher quantity and opt for an assorted lot when you choose your barrel color. This way you enjoy the lower price point associated with a larger order quantity, and the built-in variety of assorted barrel colors, giving your personalized pencil giveaway more staying power through various seasons and events.

We even have pencils that come with free setup, and some that offer free express shipping, which means we'll produce and ship out your order within 48 hours.

Shopping Made Easy for Bulk Personalized Pencils

With all these options for custom pencils with logos, you’re sure to find a style that’s perfect to advertise your small business or special event. Shop our custom pencil categories and personalize your favorite today.