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Contour Pens - Our #1 Seller is a Customer Favorite

Discover why promotional contour pens are our #1 best seller. The jumbo barrel feels more natural, and the comfort grip conforms to the human finger much smoother. With a higher perceived value, customers are more likely to keep and covet these customized contour pens. Promote your brand, company name or logo with the most popular styles and designs available.

Some of the unique styles include:

Business Image Contour Pens: Match your pens to your website and business cards for a completely consistent business image. Repetition and image exposure are cornerstones to building a memorable brand. Simply include your website with your order, and we do the rest.

Business Card Contour Pens: For businesses without websites, you can upload a copy of your business card instead. Your card will match your customized contour pens exactly.

Contour Mechanical Pencils: Suitable for techie trade shows and engineering conferences, contour mechanical pencils offer a unique way to give your audience something that lets them know you understand them better.

NFL Contour Pens: Officially licensed from the NFL, sports fans will love having their favorite team on a contour pen. Likewise, you can imprint your name to benefit from the positive association.

Contour Pens with Gel Ink: Gel pens have increased in popularity due to a darker line and the ability to write on smoother surfaces. Now, you can get the advantages of gel ink combined with a contour pen. Customized with your company name, image or logo, you'll give your customers something they're less likely to get anywhere else.

Because of their popularity and high perceived value, contour pens work well in competitive environments like trade shows. When attendees arrive home, they often have multiple promotional items. Ensure you give them something they'll keep and value more highly. We guarantee the high quality of all our pens, and we give you the lowest price possible by ordering direct.

To get started, simply browse the selection above and click on an item. Then, click the button labeled "customize" to preview your own text, image or company logo.