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When you need more than a giveaway promotional item, gifts make a greater impression and are more likely to be remembered. From practical to personal, customized gifts available include:

Pens: Pens are our specialty, and gift sets are no exception. Madison pens come with distinctive metals and an elegant gift box. Paragon pens, popular for anodized metal and slim design, likewise fit the bill for traditional gift pens.

Letter Openers: Suitable for decorating the desks of executives and secretarial staff, letter openers are a classic business gift for all occasions.

Key Rings: Keys tend to follow people everywhere they go. Naturally, customized keychains provide pens a practical complement, and the two tend to pair perfectly in boxed gift sets.

Flash Drive Memory: Great to give at computer expos and technical trade shows, flash drives are convenient for transferring files and taking work on the go.

Writer's Pad: As a perfect complement to pens, writing pads suit professionals engaged in any type of writing-oriented work. Give a unique gift appreciated by attorneys, journalists, medical professionals and more.

Coolers: For outdoor activities and enthusiasts, coolers may make a better gift than those traditionally designed for the office. Customized with your own message or logo, a cooler is a gift unlike many others.

Executive Gifts: To make a distinctive impression upon business owners, executives and other clientele requiring a touch of class, explore the more exclusive gifts. These include wine accessories, bottle chillers, mixing glasses and cheese sets. Of course, we can imprint each item with your own unique message, picture or logo.

Gift Sets: Pen gift sets and other gift sets offer multiple items imprinted with your text or image. For example, a pen and key ring gift set offers a very high perceived value beyond individual items. The inset gift box also makes it worthy of display.

All of our gifts can be imprinted with your own text, image, logo or design. We offer you the lowest available price for ordering direct with us. Likewise, we stand behind all our products with a quality guarantee.

After choosing one of the gifts above, simply click the Customize button to see your text or image as it would appear on the item.