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Custom Water Bottles & Logo Water Bottles

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Surf Bottle - 20 oz (DKW-11567)
300 for $1.03 ea
300 for $309.00
28 oz Dre Sports Bottle (WBV)
100 for $1.49 ea
100 for $149.00
26 oz. Stainless Steel Iva Water Bottle with Laser Engraved Imprint (WE7)
for ea
Thirst Quencher Bottle - 28 oz (WBJ)
100 for $1.99 ea
100 for $199.00
Speed Seeker Bike Bottle - 20 oz (WBK)
200 for $1.19 ea
200 for $238.00
26 oz. Iva Stainless Steel Water Bottle (WCO)
24 for $6.29 ea
24 for $150.96
24 oz Shaker Bottle (DKW-11731)
160 for $3.33 ea
160 for $532.80
Translucent Sport Bottle w/ Push Pull Lid - 24 oz (WBF)
100 for $1.79 ea
100 for $179.00
17 oz. Firth Water Bottle with Laser Engraved Imprint (WD6)
for ea
Stainless Steel Gripper Bottle - 18 Oz (DKW-11317)
36 for $4.39 ea
36 for $158.04
The Server Wine/Bottle Opener (DKW-11619)
50 for $5.62 ea
50 for $281.00
24 oz. Aluminum Posy Water Bottle with Laser Engraved Imprint (WE5)
for ea
of 9

What Are the Benefits of Custom Water Bottles?

To get your brand name in hand and keep it top of mind, turn to printed water bottles every time. To start with, custom water bottles encourage hydration and a healthy, active lifestyle, and offer convenient sipping on the go. But best of all, they attach your small business or special event to every stop on the daily travels of a well crafted, statement-making logo water bottle.

A few stats behind this ever-popular source of sipping, from the Advertising Specialty Institute's Global Ad Impressions Study 2019 Edition:

  • A single promotional water bottle or other piece of drinkware delivers 1,400 impressions for your brand
  • Your recipients keep your custom printed water bottles for around 12 months
  • Gen X consumers who receive a custom water bottle or other promotional drinkware are 71% more likely to do business with you

Whatever the season, water’s always in style and the promotional value of a branded water bottle is proven. The best time to get your name on a printed water bottle? Right now!

What Are the Best Logo Water Bottles?

Today’s trendiest custom water bottles sport features like matte finish, wood trim, full color imprints, and top notch insulation for water that stays cold longer.

The options, and hydration, are endless. So grab a bundle of custom water bottles and get your name on the road, in their hand, and top of mind. To pick the perfect match, check out our Promotional Water Bottle Shopping Guide below and see what types and materials of water bottles are best for you.

Promotional Water Bottle Shopping Guide

Selecting the right customized water bottle for your marketing campaign can feel overwhelming. Here at National Pen, we’ve created a “Promotional Water Bottle Shopping Guide” by materials and styles to help you choose.

Pros & Cons of Materials Used in Branded Water Bottles:

Plastic – Budget conscious & versatile, plastic promotional water bottles are by far the most popular option. Great for everyday hydration as well as sporting activities.


  • Starting at less than a $1 each, plastic sports bottles are a great choice for those on a budget, non-profits, schools & more.
  • Activity-friendly plastic water bottles are malleable so they can be dropped, thrown, kicked or stepped on (within reason) without breaking. Kids love ‘em.
  • Trendy, higher-grade Tritan™ water bottles are comprised of heavy-duty plastics suitable for hot / cold beverages.
  • Many National Pen branded water bottles are manufactured directly in our U.S. factory, which means lower costs for you.


  • Plastic customized water bottles generally aren’t meant to hold hot drinks such as coffee or tea unless they’re specially marked to do so.
  • Plastic water bottles can retain tastes so water may have a lemony flavor if you regularly use it for lemonade.
  • All plastic products are manufactured using a chemical process. Though the FDA regulates food and drink packaging, there remains concern over leaching. Be safe by choosing BPA-free plastics.

Stainless Steel: Durable and endlessly reusable, stainless steel custom water bottles have staying power.


  • Because nothing’s tougher than steel, you can trust that custom printed water bottles are made to last even with heavy use.
  • With their near universal appeal, high quality stainless steel customized water bottles make excellent customer appreciation gifts.
  • Well-insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot longer.
  • 100% chemical free.


  • Stainless steel custom printed water bottles can cost more than other options.
  • Despite their sturdiness, drop a stainless steel water bottle just right and it may dent.
  • Some people report a slight metallic taste when drinking from them.

Aluminum – Trendy and practical, aluminum customized water bottles provide lasting value


  • Aluminum bottles are an affordable option to stainless steel.
  • Lightweight & convenient, aluminum bottles often include a carabiner so you can clip them on backpacks.
  • Aluminum water bottles are the rising trend in promotional drinkware.


  • Minimal insulation so the coldness of your drink may not last. Not recommended for very hot liquids.
  • Can dent more easily than stainless steel bottles.
  • Aluminum water bottles contain a plastic lining so they aren’t 100% chemical free.

Glass – Upscale and sophisticated, glass water bottles with logos are highly regarded.


  • Glass water bottles offer no-taste transfer so you can reuse them with as many different drinks as you’d like.
  • Glassware is manufactured using a natural, chemical free process.
  • Clients recognize and appreciate high quality glass customized water bottles.
  • Plastic encasing on glass water bottles help prevent them from breaking.
  • Glass is naturally a breakable material and even plastic-grated water bottles can crack.
  • They tend to have a higher price point than other branded water bottles, which is why they make excellent customer or employee appreciation gifts.
  • Not intended to be used for rigorous physical activity.

Pros and Cons of Popular Types of Custom Water Bottles:

Personalized water bottles come in so many designs. We’ve reviewed the most popular styles to help you select the best branded water bottles for your occasion.

Push-Pull Tops:

Use: Promotional water bottles with push pull tops are a great addition to any giveaway campaign and are ideally suited for schools, kids, sports, recreation, fitness, and health and wellness initiatives.


  • Push pull tops are usually fitted on cheap water bottles with logos making them an affordable giveaway for just about any occasion.
  • These easy to use, push-pull caps let you drink with one hand. Simply release the cap and squeeze. As such, they’re the preferred choice for running, biking, or playing sports.
  • Push pull cap is resistant to leaking when closed properly.
  • Though push pull caps are leak resistant, they aren’t 100 percent leak proof. Active kids love drinking from branded water bottles although they may fail to secure the push pull cap completely.
  • Tend to wear out faster than sturdier caps.

Flip Tops

Use: Fitted on water bottles of all price points, flip top promotional water bottles offer value and convenience. Lift the flip top with your thumb and drink or pour.


  • Flip tops are leak proof so they won’t leak with proper closing.
  • Are sturdier than push pull tops.


  • Flip tops can leak if not sealed properly.
  • Young children may have a hard time opening or closing some caps.

Flip up Spout

Use: Promotional water bottles with flip and sip spouts come in office friendly and sporty varieties.

Pros: Flip-up spouts are convenient and easy to use. Depending on the model, push a button to activate the flip up spout or lift the fold-down spout to drink.

Cons: Bottles with flip up spouts tend to cost more than other options because they’re built with several moving parts.

Screw off Caps

Use: Popular screw-off caps fit on a range of promotional water bottles, just twist and remove.

Pro: Screw-off caps are leak-proof. Simply twist them off for easy drinking, refilling, cleaning or pouring.

Con: Slightly inconvenient. If you’re in a hurry, it takes a few extra seconds to unscrew the cap and drink than to release the flip or push-pull mechanism and drink.

So if you’re looking for all-purpose custom water bottles, cheap sports bottle, or branded water bottle for tradeshows, review our Promotional Water Bottle Shopping Guide to narrow and choose your options.