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Custom Stadium Cups & Plastic Cups

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Britebrand™ 16 oz. Ava Plastic Stadium Cup (WD9)
150 for $1.49 ea
150 for $223.50
Full Color
16 oz Ava Plastic Stadium Cup (WBS)
150 for $0.59 ea
150 for $88.50
Reusable Home Run Stadium Cup - 16 oz (WBB)
100 for $2.49 ea
100 for $249.00
Color Changing Stadium Cup - 17 Oz (DKW-11293)
100 for $0.94 ea
100 for $94.00
12 Oz. Good Value™ PET Disposable Cup (DKW-12996)
for ea
22 oz Pitcher Stadium Cup (WBD)
250 for $0.68 ea
250 for $170.00
16 oz. Fluted Stadium Cup (DKW-11280)
125 for $0.82 ea
125 for $102.50
24 oz Foam Cups - The 500 Line (DKW-12255)
100 for $1.00 ea
100 for $100.00
Super Sipper Cup 14 Oz (DKW-11181)
200 for $1.36 ea
200 for $272.00
16 oz. Frost Flex Stadium Cup (DKW-11581)
250 for $0.84 ea
250 for $210.00
Fluted Stadium Cup - 24 Oz (DKW-11784)
250 for $1.05 ea
250 for $262.50
Mood Stadium Cup - 12 oz (DKW-11177)
250 for $0.97 ea
250 for $242.50
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Why Should I Personalize Stadium or Plastic Cups with My Logo?

Glad you asked! Custom stadium cups and other types of custom plastic cups allow you to promote your small business or special event when your target audience is most receptive to your advertising. And when is that, you might ask? It’s when they’re feeling strong emotions--like those associated with FUN! And more than likely, if there’s a custom cup in the mix, you’re at an event designed for new experiences and lasting memories. With your branding front and center, you maximize opportunities for your messaging to be noticed, remembered, and attached to good times.

What Are the Best Occasions for Custom Stadium Cups?

Custom plastic cups are in order whenever you don't want to deal with broken glass or hauling heavy dishware. Personalized stadium cups are great for picnics, pool parties, BBQ’s, beach bonfires, camping, and a lot more. Think “plastic cups with logo” when you think of farmers’ markets, house parties, block parties, concerts in the park, and “come as you are” bars and food trucks. Finally, custom cups are always in style at work events, seminars, trade shows, and conventions. Also note: We offer many exceptionally sturdy custom stadium cups and custom plastic cups that are designed to be taken home and reused, extending your branding impact even further.

What Are My Options for Personalized Stadium Cups?

The short answer here is: unlimited! Depending upon your occasion, budget, beverage, and brand, there’s a custom stadium cup that’ll hit just right. Size, style, and durability are key factors to consider.

Custom Cup Size: From 4 ounce to 24 ounce, and Everything in Between

If you’re providing cucumber water after a spa treatment or juice at the blood drive, a smaller custom cup might be in order, like this 4 oz Hot/Cold Paper Cups - The 500 Line. On the other hand, if they’re turning to you for hydration during a long day in the hot sun at the county fair, this 24 oz Foam Cups - The 500 Line will not disappoint.

Custom Stadium Cup Styles: Mood, Clear or Colored, Confetti...Oh My!

Personalized stadium cups have come a long way from the simple red to-go cup of yore. Today’s options include multi-colored, graffiti-style designs like this 17 oz Confetti Stadium Cup, and “mood” inspired cups that change color when ice is added, like this Personalized Color Changing Stadium Cup - 17 oz. You can even choose a glow-in-the dark cup for after-hours revelers, like this Glow in the Dark Stadium Cup 22 oz. But that’s only the tip of the custom cup iceberg.

You can even choose a custom stadium cup that not only changes color, but also has a confetti pattern and comes complete with a straw and lid. Of course, if your heart is set on the classic party cup that always hints at a fun beverage inside, we’ve got you covered with the Full Color 16 oz. Reusable Run Stadium Cup (choose red, of course!).

Custom Cups & Durability

To get the biggest bang out of your personalized stadium cups, consider investing in a cup that’s just too stylish, sturdy, and handy to discard. Our collapsible 12 oz. Stojo Pocket Cups are built to last and compact enough to sneak into any party or impromptu social event. This Custom Stainless Steel Cup with Slide-Action Lid - 16 oz is spill proof, crack-proof, and dishwasher safe! If you’re looking for a single-use plastic cup with logo, the price is low and quality’s high on this 12 Oz. Good Value™ PET Disposable Cup. And it’s made from recycled plastic, to boot!

Can I Have My Logo Printed in Full Color on Plastic Cups?

Yes! Our proprietary Britebrand™ imprint technique means your vivid, full color logo on a personalized stadium cup gets to take center stage at every event. We like dishwasher-safe, brightly colored options like the Full Color 16 oz. Reusable Run Stadium Cup, the USA-made Full Color 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup, and the recyclable, grande size 16 oz. Ava Plastic Stadium Cup. Check out our full assortment of full color custom drinkware products as well.

Will Recipients Save & Reuse Custom Stadium Cups?

Personalized stadium cups and other types of custom plastic cups that are of good quality will get saved and reused. Some of our custom cups are even double-walled so hands stay dry while hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay icy cold. When you choose a reusable promotional cup from our wide selection of quality offerings, you can be sure your recipient will note the brand in their hand, and keep it close for future use.