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Custom Straws in Bulk

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Let’s Talk Promotional Straws

Custom straws are a unique way to advertise, especially if you own a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. We offer a variety of options, including paper, plastic, and stainless steel straws in bulk. And, as always, they’re backed by our One-Year Quality Guarantee.

Paper or Plastic Custom Straws?

The perennial question at the grocery store also applies to logo straws - paper or plastic? Let’s break down the benefits of both types of custom straws.

Buying paper straws in bulk may not instantly seem like a part of your potential marketing plan, but it could be a great strategy for you! We offer paper straws in bulk that come in a reusable pouch that’s customized with your logo. So, every time someone pulls out their pouch to get a straw at a restaurant or coffee bar, your logo will be front and center.

Now for plastic straws in bulk. Because of their sturdy material, we’re able to customize these promotional straws with your logo. And, that means: they offer endless opportunity to advertise your company name. We even offer color-changing plastic straws in bulk that are one of those products that always start a conversation.

And What about Bulk Stainless Steel Straws?

We couldn’t talk about custom straws without mentioning the stainless steel models. When you’re considering buying stainless steel straws in bulk, here are a few fun facts: they’re eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe, sturdy, and of course, reusable.