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Custom BIC® Pens

You can never go wrong with classic and affordable
personalized BIC® pens.
Custom BIC® Pens
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BIC® Clic Stic Pen (WRT-11116)
300 for $0.57 ea
300 for $171.00
BIC® Intensity Gel Pen (WRT-11124)
150 for $2.49 ea
150 for $373.50
BIC® Clic™ Gold Pen (WRT-11322)
0 for $0.00 ea
0 for $0.00
BIC® Grip Roller Pen (WRT-11123)
150 for $1.19 ea
150 for $178.50
BIC® Clic Pen (WRT-11115)
300 for $0.97 ea
300 for $291.00
BIC® Round Stic Pen (WRT-11126)
500 for $0.43 ea
500 for $215.00
BIC® Tri-Stic® Pen (WRT-11127)
300 for $0.84 ea
300 for $252.00
BIC® 4 Color™ Pen (WRT-11315)
150 for $2.59 ea
150 for $388.50
BIC® Image Stylus Pen (WRT-11341)
300 for $1.24 ea
300 for $372.00
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BIC® WideBody® Value Pen (WRT-11328)
300 for $0.67 ea
300 for $201.00
BIC® Emblem Stylus Pen (WRT-11337)
300 for $1.22 ea
300 for $366.00
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Bic® Velocity Pen (WRT-11129)
150 for $1.97 ea
150 for $295.50
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Behind the Popularity of Personalized BIC® Pens

Pens stay in circulation and personalized BIC® pens are a time-tested way to keep your message out and about and your small business top of mind. Custom BIC® Pens are a consistent crowd pleaser. Let’s look into what makes them a promotional winner, and which BIC® promotional pens pack the most bang for your buck.

Why Are BIC® Pens and Promotional BIC® Pens Popular?

When you choose to customize a BIC Pen to promote your small business, favorite cause, or special occasion, you’re leveraging the strength of the BIC name to promote your own. Better still, BIC Pens, including custom BIC Pens, are budget-friendly and designed to deliver a quality writing experience every time. So when your budget and brand are at stake, you’re in good hands with a personalized BIC Pen.

What Types of BIC® Pens Can I Personalize?

Promotional BIC® Pens come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There’s a type of BIC® pen to suit every brand, budget, and occasion, from customer service counters to office supply cabinets, special events, and direct mail campaigns.

Custom BIC® Clic Pens

The personalized BIC® Clic pen displays your message on a pen that boasts the unique click we love and the brand we trust.

BIC® Grip Roller Promotional Pens

Customize a BIC® rollerball pen for a uniquely fluid, vivid writing experience.

Custom BIC® Pivo Pens

The BIC® Pivo pen is a modern, twist-action promotional BIC pen that comes in myriad color options and combinations.

Personalized BIC® WideBody Pens

Are Custom BIC® Stylus Pens Available?

Yes! BIC® stylus pens take the classic BIC® reliability and add the modern convenience of a built-in stylus for easing switching between writing and swiping.

  • BIC® Emblem Stylus Pen: Sleek, professional, and with dual-action pen and stylus for continuous use on paper and screens.
  • BIC® Clic Stic Stylus Pen: Endless color combinations plus a stylus at the tip for quick access to both ballpoint and stylus.
  • BIC® Image Stylus Pen: One of BIC’s most elegant offerings, your name on this chrome-trimmed stylus pen is sure to stay top of mind as this stylus pen stays close at hand.

Pick Custom BIC® Pens for a Promotional Win

With outstanding quality, a plethora of design options, and a reputation spanning generations, it’s clear that the best BIC pen is the BIC you put your name on. Find your favorite among our selection of custom BIC pens.