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Promotional Tote Bags with Name or Logo

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Why Do Customers Love Promotional Tote Bags?

Logo tote bags are a low price, high visibility billboard for your small business or special event. They allow you to lend a helping hand, show customer appreciation, and advertise daily around town and at work, school, and beyond.

What Are Popular Types of Custom Tote Bags?

There’s a personalized tote bag for every style, budget, and purpose. Below we break down the tote bags small businesses like yours use most frequently for customers, employees, retail, and special events.

Reusable Shopping Tote Bags

The most widespread type of logo tote bag is the ubiquitous reusable shopping bag like our ever-popular Budget Shopper Tote. These totes tend to be roomy, with sturdy, reinforced handles. Some, like the Foldable Shopper Tote, can be folded into a pouch when not in use, and tucked away in a purse, backpack, or glove compartment for easy access when groceries need packing.

Branded Tote Bags with Front Pockets

To keep a logo tote bag (and your name) in daily circulation, give a bag that has handy features like a front pocket. When your customer can tuck car keys, a smartphone, or a bottle of water in the front pocket of a printed tote bag like the Morris Tote, for instance, chances are good they’ll reach for it first. Foldable Tote Bags

If your personalized tote bag is easy to keep on hand, your small business is easy to keep top of mind. Foldable tote bags like the Chaya Tote with Pouch fold into a compact size and come with a clip to attach your tote to a keychain, purse, or backpack.

Canvas Tote Bags

When your branded tote bags are canvas, your message is delivered with a long-lasting, earthy elegance. Canvas tote bags like this Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote come with plenty of capacity plus a zipper top. They’re perfect for beaches, boating, farmers’ markets, playdates, picnics, and crafting. Some even feature a second renewable resource, like this 12 oz. Canvas/Cork Shopper Tote.

Insulated Tote Bags

When your custom tote bags are destined for concerts in the park or bonfires at the beach, an insulated option will be the clear winner. This Two-Tone Insulated Grocery Tote serves double duty at the grocery store as well as outdoor gatherings. And if you’re chilling a bottle of wine, there’s a branded tote bag designed just for the job, like the Neoprene Wine Tote.

Clear Totes

When it comes to tote bags, most folks are tossing a lot inside, and then wondering: Did I pack sunscreen? What about snacks for the kids? Make it easy for them to see what they stored by choosing to customize a clear tote, like this Clear Tote with Zipper.

What Do I Need to Know Before Customizing Tote Bags?

When it comes to printed tote bags, you can let your imagination run wild. There are myriad options and features to choose from, including handle or shoulder-length straps, gusset or no gusset, flat or flexible bottom, plain front or with pocket, single ply or insulated, zipper top or open, material, size, and price.

As far as your custom imprint goes, you’ll find that depending upon the tote bag to be personalized, you can choose an imprint that’s one color, full color, foil stamp, or even embroidered. Your logo will be on display, so pick the bag that speaks to your branding style and target customer.

Then congratulate yourself as you watch customers and employees, guests and students, all happily serving as ambassadors for your great brand as they go about their daily tasks with your logo tote bag in hand.