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Custom Plastic Bags

From frosted to clear to die cut, these personalized plastic bags are perfect for restaurants and stores.
Custom Plastic Bags
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Plastic Bags 9" x 14" (BAG-11111)
150 for $1.32 ea
150 for $198.00
Plastic Bag 12" x 15" (BAG-11112)
150 for $1.49 ea
150 for $223.50
Die Cut Handle Bag -15x19 (BAG-11213)
150 for $1.69 ea
150 for $253.50
8 x 10 Ink Frosted Shopper Bags (BAG-11186)
150 for $1.82 ea
150 for $273.00
Orchid Frosted Brite Die Cut Bag (BAG-11187)
150 for $1.50 ea
150 for $225.00
Clear Plastic Tote Bags with Handles for NFL Games (BAG-12227)
150 for $1.64 ea
150 for $246.00
Plastic Bags 9" x 12" (BAG-11110)
150 for $1.25 ea
150 for $187.50
Assorted Colors
Oxo-Biodegradable Die Cut Bag - 9 x 12 (BAG-12146)
150 for $1.41 ea
150 for $211.50
Emmett Frosted Shopper Tote 16 x 19 (BAG-12130)
150 for $2.16 ea
150 for $324.00
Die Cut Handle Bag - 7" x 10 1/2" (BAG-11198)
150 for $1.19 ea
150 for $178.50
Eco Die Cut Handle Bags -12 x 15 (BAG-11196)
150 for $1.58 ea
150 for $237.00
Full Color 15"x18" Handle Bag (BAG-13416)
250 for $1.84 ea
250 for $460.00
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What Types of Printed Plastic Bags Can I Customize?

There are three main types of custom plastic bags to consider for your promotions or logo gifts:

  • Frosted
  • Clear
  • Die cut

The one that will work best for your business depends on factors like the weight capacity you need and the style that you’re looking for. Let’s unpack your options of personalized plastic bags!

Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags

Plastic bags with die cut handles have handle cut outs rather than handle strips that have been attached. That makes these printed plastic bags more durable and affordable. Because they are such a great value, they’re ideal for handing out with purchase. And since you know they can handle a little weight, you’ll feel confident loading them up for customers.


Clear Plastic Bags with Logo

The advantage to these bags is clear: contents can be easily viewed. That makes clear bags ideal for creating a grab-and-go shopping experience. By letting customers see exactly what they’re getting in each pre-packed bag, these custom plastic bags make for less time spent in the store, and less contact with items. Clear bags with zip closures and handles are especially popular at the moment for just that reason.


Custom Frosted Plastic Bags

Many companies enjoy the aesthetic of frosted plastic bags with logos printed on the front. The dusted design offers a luxury look that compliments every color of logo, with the exception of white. Plus, there are tons of different personalized plastic bags that come with a frosted tint. You can get them with a large gusset perfect for packing clothing into, with rope handles for an upscale boutique, or cut out handles for an affordable option that’s still stylish.


Are There Eco-Friendly Logo Plastic Bag Options?

Yes! You can get custom printed plastic bags that are biodegradable. These bags allow you to enjoy all the benefits of budget-friendly plastic bags, without having to worry about their effect on the environment. Because the bags breakdown in a matter of days, they won’t clog up the ocean with litter.

If you’re concerned these bags will look or feel different from traditional personalized plastic bags, check out the Oxo Biodegradable Die Cut Bag or the Full Color Oxo Biodegradable Die Cut Bag. Believe it or not, both bags are made with eco-friendly plastic.

How Are Custom Printed Plastic Bags Good for Business Marketing?

Custom plastic bags have become a ubiquitous marketing staple. They add convenience to your shoppers’ experience, they’re affordable, and they bring attention to your logo. Seeing someone carrying your shopping bag lets potential people know that you’re nearby, and ready for their business. Since you need a way for customers to carry out their items, why not get some brand exposure out of it as well?