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Handle Your Business with Promotional Bags

The stats on custom printed bags are downright inspiring and encouraging—according to the Global Ad Impressions Study by ASI, a promotional bag that costs $5 will have a cost per impression of under 2/10 of a cent and on top of that, the recipients hold on to the bags for an average of 11 months. Isn’t that an incredible way to advertise your business or service?

Let’s find the right personalized bags for you:

Business Tote Bags

When you think of custom bags for business, your mind probably goes instantly to totes. That’s because they’re so universally helpful—bringing groceries home, taking to the library, shopping at the mall, you name it. And when you add your logo to them, it’s traveling everywhere the tote does.

A logo tote you can always count on for durability and affordability is the Budget Shopper Tote. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a more natural aesthetic? The Color Me Cotton Tote Bag is made from 100% cotton and has business-friendly colored handles.

If you’re ready to get your name on custom tote bags, we have a discount for you! Use code TOTES at checkout to get 10% off tote bags.

Paper Custom Bags

While paper promotional bags with logos are typically used for takeout at restaurants, they can be used by any business that’s looking for an eco-friendly choice. This is an especially smart option if your city or state has banned plastic bags.

We offer a variety of paper bags in different sizes, including those that are perfect for popcorn, wine, or small items like jewelry. Looking for a specific color? We have all the colors under the rainbow, too!

Plastic Printed Bags

When you’re handing out pamphlets at a trade show, plastic promotional bags are great for attendees. Or maybe you’re giving new hires a plastic bag with all their paper work. However you choose to use them, printed logo plastic bags are a cost-effective way to promote your business, school, cause, or event.

Logo Drawstring Bags

Affordable, portable, and great for sports-related events, drawstring custom bags bring a lot of value to the table.

The Everyday Commuter Drawstring Backpack offers plenty of room to personalize with your logo, along with a zippered pocket, and a handy earbud port.

Consider going with muslin drawstring bags if you’re selling small trinkets, jewelry, or bath and body products.

Promotional Coolers & Lunch Bags

When you choose custom coolers and lunch bags, you know your brand is going along for a fun time.

The Tera Foldable Lunch Back with Front Pocket boasts a roomy space for your imprint on the pocket and has a tag/ID holder so lunch never gets lost.

For 6-packs and beyond, the Budget Chiller will fit your logo, tagline, or message quite nicely.

As always, we’re here to help you order your custom printed bags, and can’t wait to see the positive impact they have on your marketing efforts!