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Get Your Hands on No Touch Pens & No Touch Tools

Let's be honest, germs are not exactly what you want to pass along to your customers. Instead, you want to pass along feelings of good will and, of course, a promotional product that they'll use all the time.

Touch free tools totally fit the bill—helpful, affordable, and useful. There are two types of safe touch tools you can choose from, including Kooty Key anti-germ utility tools and no-touch stylus pens. Let's find the right one for your company or cause!

Kooty Keys: A Fun Name for a Seriously Helpful Tool

The word "kooty" takes you right back to elementary school, right? Well, this time the name is given to a very handy logo tool. They come in different designs, but are essentially tools that can pull, turn or lift door handles, push buttons, and hold the straps of grocery bags. This removes the need to touch those everyday surfaces that are, well, filled with kooties.

No Touch Pens: Write Off Touching Surfaces

Stylus pens have been living double lives without many of us knowing it. You see, that stylus at the top or tip of the pen is an undercover germ fighter. Well, not technically, but stylus pens allow you to swipe and select touchscreens without the touching part. And that's so appreciated considering all the surfaces everyone touches, like ATMs and the keypad at the checkout counter.

Here are a few of our favorite no touch pens that are sure to become your customers' faves too:

Tip: See our new YouTube video on the best stylus pens!

We can't wait to help you with your order of logo no touch tools and pens!