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Custom Face Masks

Give your customers and employees an added layer of safety with custom and non-custom face masks, shields, and hooks.
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Why Are Custom Face Masks Good Giveaways?

The best logo items are ones that your customers and employees can use every day. And given the current state of affairs, custom face masks with logo are definitely in that category. Giving personalized face masks to your team and clients also shows you care about their wellbeing whether they’re at work or out in the world. It’s that thoughtfulness that’ll have your customers coming back again and again.

What Are the Best-Selling Styles of Personalized Face Masks?

Now that you know why custom logo face masks are great gifts, let’s find the right one for your company or cause.

What Are Tips for Customizing Face Masks with My Logo?

Because we offer such a wide variety of bulk face masks and logo face masks, first take a look at where the imprint appears on the mask. Some are on the side, some are in the middle, and some are full bleed (the design goes to the edges of the mask). Choose a personalized face mask that offers the right location for your logo or design, and if you have any questions beyond that, reach out to our helpful Customer Care Agents!

How Do Face Masks Compare to Other PPE Products for Business Gifts?

PPE products, like custom hand sanitizers, antimicrobial pens, and no touch tools, all make for great business gifts these days. You truly can’t go wrong when it comes to these custom PPE items, but we do like the added visibility face masks with company logos provide.

And, you don’t have to choose between personalized face masks and traditional promotional gifts because we offer custom PPE kits, like the ones below:

We hope this answered all the questions you had about custom face masks, and look forward to helping you personalize your face masks with your logo!