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Wellness Promotional Items

Give the Gift of Health
Make your customers’ and employees’ wellbeing your top priority with custom hand sanitizers and more personal care items.
Custom Hand Sanitizers, Wipes, Pill Box, First Aid Kit Hero
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Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel Packet (WHF-11474)
1000 for $0.91 ea
1000 for $910.00
Immune Booster Packets (WHF-11476)
500 for $0.87 ea
500 for $435.00
Antibacterial Wet Wipes in Pouch (WHF-11484)
200 for $2.84 ea
200 for $568.00
Nail File In Sleeve (WHF-11117)
500 for $0.84 ea
500 for $420.00
Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack (WHF-11131)
100 for $2.09 ea
100 for $209.00
Grocery Tote with Antimicrobial Additive (BAG-14017)
for ea
2 Sided Folding Mirror with 2x Magnifier (WHF-11169)
250 for $1.10 ea
250 for $275.00
Sunglass Strap (FUN-11112)
300 for $1.03 ea
300 for $309.00
Mini Fan (EVT-11149)
100 for $2.79 ea
100 for $279.00
.34 Oz. SPF 30 Sunscreen Pen Sprayer (WHF-11145)
100 for $1.40 ea
100 for $140.00
Full Color
Hand and Body Lotion Tube - .5 oz (WHF-11241)
100 for $1.59 ea
100 for $159.00
Full Color
Antibacterial Pouch Wipes - Doctor and Nurse (WHF-11485)
400 for $1.57 ea
400 for $628.00
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Take Care with Health & Wellness Promotional Items

These days, it’s so important to be a company that cares for its employees, customers, and clients. Showing that their health is a concern of yours sets a precedence you’ll take care of them in business as well. Beyond showing care and compassion in your interactions, health promotional items go a long way.

To find the right wellness promotional products for your business, we’ve gathered our customers’ favorites.

Custom Hand Sanitizers

Keep the germs at bay and your contact information within reach with the most popular healthcare promotional items: custom hand sanitizers.

  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel Packet: these one-time-use packets come with antibacterial gel that contains 62% alcohol (the CDC recommends hand sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol to kill most germs).
  • Canister Sanitizer: this is another unique custom hand sanitizer option. The canister easily attaches to bags, backpacks, and keychains and contains 30 antibacterial sanitizer wipes.

Custom Lip Balm

You may not instantly think of lip balm as a health promotional product, but it’s another item people take with them everywhere, which is exactly where you want your brand to go!

  • SPF 15 Lip Balm: with nine flavors, SPF 15 protection, and a full color label, this is the promotional lip balm choice of many companies.
  • Round Lip Balm with Lanyard: the eye-catching round shape of this lip balm makes it unique, plus it comes with a lanyard that attaches to keys and more.
  • Full Color Sunscreen with Carabiner: for spring and summer promotions, this is our choice. Give everything they need for a day at the beach with an SPF 30 sunscreen and lip balm.

Custom First Aid Kits

First aid kits are the type of health and wellness promotional items you hope to never need, but always want on hand. Great for healthcare companies, hospitals, and doctor’s offices.

  • Small First Aid Kit: this kit has everything to treat minor bumps and bruises, including bandages, ear swabs, rolls of cotton, and more.
  • Pocket First Aid Kit: good things come in small packages with this wellness promotional item. Inside the matchbook-sized kit (with your full color branding) they’ll find bandages, first aid cream, and a first aid instruction manual.
  • Laureate First Aid Bag: possibly our most premium custom first aid kit, with 17 pieces fit into a reusable bag.

Promotional Nail Files & Custom Emery Boards

No hang nails here! Nail files are unique wellness promotional products that offer a unique benefit: your logo and contact information will always be facing while your customers or prospects file their nails.

Even More Wellness Promotional Products

We offer even more health promotional items that put your clients’ wellness first.

  • Neon Extending Back Scratcher with Pen: help them itch that itch they can’t quite reach themselves with this fun (and useful!) back scratcher. It even comes with a pen for double the use.
  • Essential Lens Cleaner with Pouch: optometrists and glasses stores love these healthcare promotional items! We add your logo to the clear pouch.
  • Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack: soothe their aches and pains in a pinch. This hot/cold pack can be both microwaves and frozen.
  • All Week Pill Box: help customers remember to take their medicine and vitamins with this handy pill box.

We hope we’ve helped you find the right health and wellness promotional items that keep your customers happy, healthy, and coming back to your business.