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Custom Keychains

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Put your brand in their hand with custom
light-up, plastic, or metal keychains.
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3 LED Flashlight Keychain (LAK)
50 for $1.79 ea
50 for $89.50
Assorted Colors
Carabiner Elite Keychain (LAJ)
50 for $0.99 ea
50 for $49.50
Assorted Colors
Britebrand™ LED Extendable Flashlight Keychain (FER)
50 for $1.40 ea
50 for $3.09 ea
50 for $70.00
50 for $154.50
Orbit LED Keychain (FKA)
50 for $1.12 ea
50 for $56.00
Assorted Colors
Soft Vinyl Teagan Key Tag (FBM)
100 for $0.75 ea
100 for $75.00
GadgetGuy 3-in-1 Keychain (LSF)
100 for $1.34 ea
100 for $134.00
Assorted Colors
Metal Bottle Opener with Keychain (LCM)
50 for $0.69 ea
50 for $34.50
Assorted Colors
Britebrand™ Fay Multi-Bit Screwdriver Keychain (FCJ)
50 for $1.07 ea
50 for $1.99 ea
50 for $53.50
50 for $99.50
Soft Touch 3 LED Flashlight Keychain (LHY)
50 for $1.84 ea
50 for $92.00
Assorted Colors
Caravan 6 Function Pocket Knife (DGC)
25 for $2.99 ea
25 for $74.75
Assorted Colors
Soft Key Tags - Oval (AUT-11118)
300 for $0.59 ea
300 for $177.00
Mineral Soft Touch Stylus Pen & Flashlight Gift Set with Rose Gold Trim (GLF)
for ea
of 9

Why Promote with Custom Logo Keychains?

Great marketing stays with people, and in the case of promotional keychains, we mean that literally. Since keys are usually seen a few times a day, creating custom business keychains is the perfect way to boost your brand’s visibility. Get customers attached to your business with a budget-friendly promotional item that puts your branding right in their hands. The next time they're fumbling around their purse or pocket looking for keys, it’ll be your custom keychains that save the day!

What Are the Best Types of Promotional Keychains?

There are tons of ways to catch a customer’s attention with custom logo keychains. We offer a variety of types, sizes, colors, and designs so you can create the best custom keychains for your brand. You can count on us for quality promotional keychains at low prices! And if you're in a hurry, we offer select keychains that can ship in 48 or 72 hours.

Metal Personalized Keychains

When it comes to favorite business keychains, metal is a popular choice. With their weighty feel, metal custom keychains have a higher perceived value, even though we price them for any budget. And since many metal logo keychains can be laser engraved with your imprint, these promotions are sure to last.

Plastic Promotional Keychains

Affordable and always appreciated, plastic logo keychains unlock unlimited branding opportunities. Many of our plastic custom keychains come in a rainbow of colors, which means you'll always find the right palette for your brand and logo.

Light-Up Logo Keychains

Dark parking lots, late-night emergencies, evening walks—there are countless times that custom flashlight keychains come in handy. Our bestselling LED Flashlight Key Chain is powered by a bright LED light and we even add in batteries so you can get right to marketing your business. Plus, we take the time when laser-engraving your logo or business information so it's perfectly represented on your personalized keychains.

Bottle Opener Custom Keychains

Cheers! Attaching your brand to bottle opener promotional keychains means you'll always be there for the celebration. We offer a variety of custom logo keychains with bottle openers, from simple to multi-functional. If we had to choose a favorite bottle opener keychain, we'd have to nominate our GadgetGuy 3-in-1 Keychain, which comes in a variety of colors and offers a generous imprint area for such a small tool.

Multi-Tasking Promotional Keychains

If you're looking to buy custom keychains in bulk, a multi-function tool will give you the most bang for your buck. Whether you choose a personalized keychain that features a knife, a bottle/can opener, pen, and LED flashlight, or one that is a tire gauge and flashlight, these are the tools that clients will go to time after time.

How Can You Market with Custom Keychains?

These pocket-sized promotions can deliver a big value as giveaways. But, how do you get them to potential customers? Create a return on investment by sending prospective customers promotional keychains in the mail with other information about your business. Customers are more likely to open mail and remember your business when they’re receiving a gift. You can also offer a custom keychain with every first purchase or leave a small bowl full of logo keychains at your front reception area.

Trust Our Personal Promise & Get the Perfect Personalized Keychains

Our goal is to always provide quality customer service and to make sure you get exactly what you want, whether you're buying promotional keychains for your business or personalized keychain gifts. That’s why you can trust our Personal Promise. If your order is not produced exactly to your specifications, simply contact our Customer Care Team so we can make it right.

We can't wait to create your custom keychains!